Yoga & Lifestyle


Yoga:  Using breath, mantra, meditation, kundalini kriyas, and an understanding of the energy systems we will create a routine for you to develop a sadhana (regular spiritual practice). A daily commitment trains you to integrate the practice so that it is not left on the mat. My goal is to support you in richly understanding the integrative nature of the philosophy and teachings that make Yoga a complete science of Union. This is not a service to help you perfect postures, it is a session to help you discover the healing benefits of a practice that uses many tools to let you connect with the True you, inspiring creativity, and finding your inner sanctuary.

An initial class is  60 minutes with a  15 minute consultation to discuss your goals and intentions. The 4 class series is a great option for those who are interested in understanding the philosophy and techniques that are a foundation for a yoga practice. For the series we will use each class to uniquely focus on a specific discipline - pranayam, mantra, meditation, and the yamas and niyamas (the yogic do's and don'ts) for real life application. 

75 minute initial class, 100.  4 class series, 350. 

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling: Ayurveda is the traditional medicine in India, closely connected to yoga and based on a simple philosophy that looks to the elements as the building blocks for all of existence. We will talk about where you're at, what your lifestyle goal is, and after determining your prakriti (dosha) will dive into how to customize your diet and life to support the balance of your unique elemental make-up. We will discuss ideal daily and seasonal routines, herbal supports for wellness, as well as support through body treatments and yoga.

Initial consultation is 75 minutes, 100. Follow up is 30 minutes, 45.