Integrative Massage: Each person's body is unique and sessions typically include a variety of techniques including swedish, deep tissue, myofascial therapy, trigger point, gentle stretching, and energy work to address your unique needs. We will work together to learn what your body responds best to and bring it back to health.

60 minutes, $100

75 minutes, $125

90 minutes, $150

  • 5 Session - Prepaid 1 Hour Series $450

Some insurance accepted.

Bodywork Modality Overview

Swedish: Direct contact and manipulation of the soft tissue using oil or lotion to increase blood circulation and release muscle tension.  Long gliding strokes, friction, and kneading techniques are used.  Great option for stress reduction, muscle tension and pain, and overall health maintenance. Pressure is generally light to moderate.

Deep Tissue: This modality focuses on working the deeper layers of muscles to dissolve adhesions and scar tissue. By releasing the contracted muscles clients may experience increased range of motion, less pain and muscle stiffness. Pressure is generally moderate to deep using forearms, elbows, knuckles, and thumbs.

Myofascial Therapy: Specific techniques are used to release tight fascia (connective tissue) and small, gentle, cross fiber strokes are applied to the muscles and/or tendons to increase circulation.  Aids in increasing range of motion,  breaking up adhesions, decreased tension and pain. 

Trigger Point: Trigger points or "knots" are generally present in a localized area and when worked on have a  referred pain or sensation to other parts of the body. Compression through direct pressure assists in alleviating pain in the muscles.

Craniosacral therapy: CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a hands-on therapy, where the touch is gentle, non-invasive and usually subtle. It is a powerful therapy that affects the central nervous system to assist in improving function in the whole body.

Energy Healing: Working with the subtle electromagnetic vibrations of the body to adjust, balance, and harmonize the flow of prana / life force. This technique is very gentle and consists of holds on specific parts of the body to direct flow along the energy pathways and chakras.


"Be humble for you are made of earth.

Be noble for you are made of stars."

-Serbian proverb


Private Yoga Classes

Using breath, mantra, meditation, kriyas (yoga sets), and the energy systems we will create a special routine for you to develop a sadhana - regular spiritual practice. A daily commitment trains you to integrate the practice so that it is not left on the mat. My goal is to support you in richly understanding the nature and philosophy of the teachings that make yoga a complete science of union. This is not a service to help you perfect postures. These classes are for students interested in unlocking the inner healing that occurs through yoga. With the use of a traditional yoga system you develop a relationship to the true you, awaken your creative potential, and settling in to your inner sanctuary.

4 class / 40 day sadhana series is the best option for individuals who are interested in diving deeper into the philosophy and techniques to enhance their current understanding but most importantly to shift a current habit and create a lasting healing change. You are required to bring your specific intention for embarking on this commitment.  We will address your physical, mental, and spiritual goals and move towards meeting them through yoga.

After discussing your intention I will create a specific series for you which will include a personal at home practice.  

Your series includes:

  • Initial phone consultation to discuss intention and goals

  • Specific kriya, meditation, and/or pranayam to practice for duration of series

  • In depth review of the facets of the practice

  • Guidance on achieving maximum benefit by assisting you with posture modifications or corrections

  • Ayurvedic lifestyle mentoring

Single 75 minute class including consultation, $100.

4 in person classes / Personalized 40 day series, $350.

(Although I highly encourage a 40 day commitment and meeting 1x per week this is flexible to your schedule and needs)

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine in India, closely connected to yoga and based on a simple philosophy that looks to the elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) as the building blocks for all of existence. We will talk about what your goals are and determine what your Prakriti (original constitution) is according to Ayurveda. The counseling sessions are designed to support the balance of your unique elemental make up, determine any imbalances, discuss ideal seasonal an daily routines, provide guidance through herbal support recommendations for wellness, as well as best body treatments and yoga for your unique needs.  

Initial Consultation 75 minutes, $100. 

Follow up is 30 minutes, $45.

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

This gentle healing practice consists of specific holds on the body (over clothing) to restore balance in the subtle energy channels. A session will include an assessment, intention setting, sacred space invocation, and tailored energy treatment which may include aromatherapy and crystals. This is an excellent choice for individuals who may be experiencing low energy, sleep imbalances, touch sensitivity, are working through challenging transitions, feel “stuck”, are dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, or simply need to hit the reset button.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing sessions may include one or a combination of a couple of the following techniques including energy healing work. This may be determined at consultation but often Spirit will provide the clarity on which technique/s are most needed. 

Aromatherapy, crystals, oracle cards, sound healing tools including mantras may also be part of the experience. Every session begins with opening of sacred space, sometimes aloud or it may also be silent. As an empath and intuitive I will often receive messages and will share these with you either during the session or after. Shamanic work, like all other integrative modalities, is meant as a collaborative experience that with commitment will offer the best results.


The breath is a conductor of energy. We see its effects in our emotional and physical state when we are in danger, afraid, angry, anxious, and also when we're relaxed, happy, and at peace. You will be guided to harness the power of the breath for deep healing of limiting beliefs (conscious and subconscious) and opening room necessary for healing to occur. In these sessions we will work towards your desired shifts as a foundation. The active breath meditation can provide a deep sense of release and expansiveness. This technique is suitable for all levels of meditators. As with all healing modalities that navigate the subconscious I ask that if you are currently experiencing high levels of anxiety that you let me know. This will allow me to navigate the experience with mindfulness to your needs. Post care suggestions will be offered. 

Soul Retrieval  

This practice is a good fit for individuals that have observed repeating patterns in their lives and are looking for a way to break them. The ancient practice consists of guided meditation/journey where you will be lead to explore where a possible separation of soul occurred causing looping themes and perhaps a sense of otherness from self. This may be current life or past life issues. The name "Soul Retrieval" refers to reconnecting the fragmented parts of your self which can occur when there are traumatic events or unaddressed issues that your higher self is trying to make peace with. The work is to regain a sense of empowerment by acknowledging where the gifts of experience are and taking ownership of your whole self.  

Inner Child Work

This specifically addresses current lifetime traumatic events where your adult self is governed by an aspect of your child self. Often this is similar and shares likeness to Soul Retrieval as it addresses the fragmented self. However, in this practice the goal is to acknowledge the child and re-parent to restore a sense of safety. 

Energy, Breathwork, and Shamanic Healing Sessions:

75 minutes, $125 / 90 minutes, $150