Energy & Breath

Energy & Breath

Energy Balance: This gentle healing practice consists of specific holds on the body (over clothing) to restore balance in the subtle energy channels. A session will include an assessment, intention setting, sacred space invocation, and tailored energy treatment which may include healing essences and crystals. This is an excellent choice for individuals who have low energy, sleep imbalances, touch sensitivity, are working through challenging transitions, feel "stuck",  are dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, or simply need a reset. 

Healing Breathwork: The breath is a conductor of energy. We see it's affect in our emotional and physical state when we are in danger, afraid, angry, anxious...and relaxed, happy, and at peace. You will be guided to harness the power of the breath for deep healing of limiting beliefs (conscious and subconscious) and opening room for necessary healing to occur. In this session we will work with your intentions and desired shifts as a foundation. Sacred space is created and supported with crystals, healing essences, mantra, and other energy and shamanic tools/practices as needed. The active breath meditation can provide a deep sense of release and expansiveness. This technique is suitable for individuals with no prior meditation experience or those who have journeyed before. Suggestions and post care recommendations will be offered for you to continue on your own. 

4 Chambers - Soul Retrieval:  This practice is a good fit for individuals that have observed repeating patterns and are looking for a way to break them. The ancient practice consists of a guided meditation where you will be lead to explore where a possible separation of "soul" occurred causing the looping themes.  The name "Soul Retrieval" refers to reconnecting the fragmented parts of our self which can occur when there are traumatic events or unaddressed issues that our higher self is trying to make peace with. The practice is to assist you to regain a sense of empowerment by acknowledging where your gifts are and taking ownership of your Whole self.

All sessions will be customized to your needs.

75 minutes, 125 / 90 minutes, 140